Depression – get rid of it!

Depression   In recent news a German-wings co-pilot crashed his plane with 150 odd people into a mountain and all of them died. The black box of the plane was found and the researches are coming to the conclusion that the co-pilot was depressed. His computer had depressing searches which gave them signs that he was depressed. I don’t want to get into any theory but every one knows that if that pilot was a Muslim he would have been called a suspected terrorist.

  • Double standard?
  • Racism?

Every one knows the answer but that’s not my topic for today.

Today I want to talk about depression. If u search about depression you would find Continue reading


Open Letter to Our Prime Minister – Narendra Modi


The Honorable Prime Minister,

Subject : Growing fear within The Indian Minorities

Respected Sir,

I Faraz Shafiq Patel have been your critics through my whole life. Around a year back you were declared as The Prime Minister candidate from that time onwards there was anxiousness within my community that what would happen if you become the Prime Minister. Continue reading

Beard in the ‘Modern World’

Beard Keep it  It was mid November and the placement season had just started. In search of a job I went to for an interview. It was pure sales profile, We were 14 candidates who were divided into 2 groups of 7 each for a short group discussion. I was in the first group and the topic given to me was Arranged vs Love marriage. I was leading the GD. It was going on really good, Then the second topic was given to us:

‘Is Modi good for India’.

As I live in a democratic secular country and I have freedom of expression so I started saying whatever I feel about our Dear Prime Minister. Yes! those were harsh words but I believe that it was bitter truth. The GD concluded and everyone started congratulating me for making it to the next round. Then the shock came when the results were announced and I was not short listed for the last round. I don’t know what was the reason.

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What is Racism and How to Stop it ?

racism it stops with me  I am from Mumbai, I am better than Delhites, I am a Muslim I am better than you, Indians are better than US citizens, A Boy is better than a Girl, White people are better than Black people, NRI better than Indian citizens.

All this statements have one thing in common i.e Racism

Racism comes in many way and it leads to deadly consequences and the harm racisms can cause to the society can’t be measured. Let’s see the three current racist happenings in the world.

  • First the Nagaland lynching of a person by removing him from jail. He was called a rapist but medical report proved that he wasn’t one. I am calling it a racist attack because he was killed due to being termed as a Bangladeshi immigrant.
  • An Indian was rejected an internship in Germany because the person over there feared the rapist Indian mentality.
  • Majid Haq the slowest bowler in the world, Who plays for Scotland was dropped from the squad and He tweeted that it was due to his race. Next, He was flown back home.

All this are current example of what I would called racism, But is racism a new phenomena?

In America white people killed black people for years. Black people were treated as slave for many years. Some years back there were racism attack on Indians in Australia. In my own country India racist attacks have being so common. People from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were hated in Mumbai. North-East Indians are not considered as Indians. Attack on different religions have being a common site in the recent years. Growing fear within the Indian minorities.

If we look deep into us we all would seem racist. Imagine a small thing like the locality we live in. Surely there has been a thought “Ok! we live in this locality that’s why we are better then that locality “. I would say we all have been racist some day or the other.

But how bad is racism?

Racism ruins

It fills us with anger, Derives us from living together, Derives equal right, Stops our progress and hurts the world. We wont realize racism till the time we face it and that time, We would be heart broken telling people about what has happened with us. We won’t even think about the time we have done the same. Yes it might not be that scale but it was the same thing ‘Racism’

How does Racism starts?

Racism starts with the big fat ego of ours, its nothing but our pathetic egoistic behaviour which make us feel proud over  others caste, community and creed. So we start looking at them in a negative way, This starts racism and then it leaves the world in a mess.

  • Tell me how can some one be better then others due to a certain locality or country he lives in?
  • Due to his skin color?
  • Or language he speaks?

You might live anywhere but the way you carry yourself is more important. You might be white or black or brown but your heart towards the needy is more important. You might speak any language but the way you speak is more important. We all are humans, We all are creation of the Almighty. We all are the same.

My view on Racism through the saying of My Idol Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Islam's view on Racism

Racism has to be stopped or else we all would face racist attack one day or the other. To stop racism, Start today by viewing everyone just as a human being. Irrespective of What he/she follows , How he/she looks , What he/she speaks and where he/she lives.

Yes I know the change is difficult and it would take time but as it is rightly said :

“The only thing permanent in life is change”

Stop Racism

The day world gets into One blanket of ‘Humanity’ we would all succeed.

Reply your views on how to stop Racism.

Growing fear within the Indian minorities

Stop Hate  India is my country, My homeland, All my articles have something good to say about India. How happy I am in India, How dignified I feel in India and even if there are people who hate minorities, I have always mentioned that those are negligible.

But there is a big question arising in my mind after the current situations taken place in different corner of my country.

Would the minorities be allowed to live in India or would they have to leave India?

Lets have a recap of what has happened in the past nine months : Continue reading


ISIS against ISLAM  I decided to write this blog post after reading an article in The Times of India. That article mentions how an ISIS lady who was from Glasgow recruited 3 teenage girls into ISIS. The latest from that story is that the girls have traveled to ISIS dominated Syria to get married to the jihadist.

I mean just what!

The age of those girls were 15-16 and they were A grade students in their school. So how did this Glasgow lady brain washed them?

She is a disgrace to the family and Islam” These were the words of that Glasgow lady’s mother.

Today terrorism is not been thought in the traditional schools, But children’s are being radicalized over the Internet.

So how can you stop it? Continue reading

#Who Is Muhammad (peace be upon him)

#WHOISMUHAMMAD peace be upon him     The Charlie hebdo attack happened a month ago, Killing of some cartoonist in the name of Islam. Charlie hebdo has a history of humiliating famous personalities in the name of freedom of speech. I wont comment on whats right and whats wrong, But after the Charlie hebdo attack :

The paid electronic media started presenting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a way that is not his way, Which resulted in defaming Prophet’s honour and because of this the world started questioning Muslims about Who Is Muhammad (peace be upon him). To answer this question and to let everyone know what’s the real character and preaching of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Muslims took on twitter. 

The response was phenomenal and the stats are as follows : Continue reading