#Who Is Muhammad (peace be upon him)

#WHOISMUHAMMAD peace be upon him     The Charlie hebdo attack happened a month ago, Killing of some cartoonist in the name of Islam. Charlie hebdo has a history of humiliating famous personalities in the name of freedom of speech. I wont comment on whats right and whats wrong, But after the Charlie hebdo attack :

The paid electronic media started presenting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a way that is not his way, Which resulted in defaming Prophet’s honour and because of this the world started questioning Muslims about Who Is Muhammad (peace be upon him). To answer this question and to let everyone know what’s the real character and preaching of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Muslims took on twitter. 

The response was phenomenal and the stats are as follows :

#WhoIsMuhammad peace be upon him

The Hashtag #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him) began and Muslims around the world took part and was trending at #1 position worldwide with 170,000 tweets within 24hrs and in next 24hrs it was 533,000 and still counting.

Here are some selective tweets below :

1. @Abdullahhasan
#WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him) the best husband, the best companion, the best counsellor, the best teacher – he is the best of the Best,” 
 2. @DISGroups

His body stoned, stomach starved, life threatened & family martyred. Yet He forgave all & faced them with a loving smile. #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him)

3. @ChoudhuryJakie

Love For Your Brother What You Love For Yourself! – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him)

4. @QASIFx
“Make things easy for people and not difficult. Give people good news and bring them joy, and do not turn them away.” — #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him)

5. @BeardedProdigy ·

#WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him) is he whom Michael Hart ranked as No.1 in his book: The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History

Impact of the Hashtag #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him)

 Here are some selective tweets n comments below :

1. @sassylibrarian1 · 

Those who say Islam preaches nothing but hatred & violence really need to read #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him). All I see are words of peace.

 2. @barryhuchison

I’m an atheist, but #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him) trending has put a big smile on my face. Far too much scaremongering about Islam in media.

3. @modoum

loving the calm reaction of my brothers and sisters in the ummah have taken to educate rather than retaliate. #WhoIsMuhammad (peace be upon him)

4. @TSPMuslim

Best question I ever asked,”#WhoIsMuhammad“? Now I am a #Muslim.

After the Charlie hebdo attack 40 French citizens have converted to Islam and the Holy Quran sales has gone up.

This is what the world was saying about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), For me Muhammad (peace be upon him) is My Prophet, My Idol, My Way to success and Mercy to entire creation. He has brightened the goodness behind all actions, His birth was brighter than the world’s sun.

His sayings, His teachings are responsible for all the good things I do today and the wrong I do is due to I am a human.

As it is rightly stated, I’m a Preacher of Islam That’s why world called me  Muslim, Islam is perfect, but I’m not. If I do a mistake blame it on me, not on my Religion.

With this Blog, I want the readers to know who Muslims are.

Are they what media presents?

Or are they what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said?

I am what Prophet said, Now you decide how would you judge us?


3 thoughts on “#Who Is Muhammad (peace be upon him)

  1. There is no questioning the devotion of those who answer the question who is Muhammad (peace be upon him). Actually, I don’t know if I should use the phrase, “peace be upon him”. To omit it may cause offence, but for an atheist to use it may also give offence. I decided to use it because, in the end, I wish peace upon everyone.

    Many of those over here that say, “Islam preaches nothing but hatred and violence”, have their own religion, and are keen to present Islam as an inferior one, I believe there’s also a wide-section of the older generation who, struggling to come to terms with a shrinking world, fear it, and will readily sign up to such nonsense. Bit most of my peer group understand: (a) that Islam teaches peace; (b) that people are imperfect; and (c) that the attackers allowed their own imperfections to overshadow the true meaning of Islam.

    I think the tacit suggestion, from @TSPMuslim, that there is a causal link between the attacks and the spread of Islam, is misguided.

    Really good article, Faraz.

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